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The Modenese Society (Societa Modenese di Mutuo Soccorso) was founded in 1906 at a house on McDaniels Avenue in Highland Park , Illinois. The founders were a small group of 27 laborers from the Village of Pievepelago and its surrounding area.  This area is located in the Alpine Mountain Range in the province of Modena in the Region of Emilia Romagna. The Society was incorporated under the laws of Illinois in 1907. 

The principal purposes were originally to aid the members in case of sickness, to help a member’s family in case of his death, and to be united against all calamities of misfortune.  We are one of the oldest Mutual Aid Societies in the United States.

Today, the Modenese Society engages in many social activities and has been a sponsor of many civic causes.  We strongly support our Italian culture and heritage in our new homeland of America.

We boast 280 members,  mostly located in the affluent area of southeast Lake County, Illinois.  Our club is open to all men and women of Italian descent. For those not interested in mutual aid benefits, we now offer social memberships.  


We are proud to say that Luciano Pavarotti was an Honorary Member of our Society for the past 20 years.

History update since May 2006

In March of 2007,  a number of by-laws changes were submitted to the members for a vote. The members voted overwhelmingly in favor of the changes. These changes were needed to keep up with the reality of the current times.  This is a summary of some major by-laws changes.

The number of officers was reduced from 21 to 11.  Each one of the 11 officers has specific responsibilities.

Originally, as was common at the time, the Modenese Society was for men only. In the early 2000s, the bylaws were changed so women could join the Modenese on equal terms with the men. All restrictions were removed. The language now reads: The Society is open to all Italians descendants, regardless of gender.

The sick benefits were removed in the early 2000s. The mortuary payout was kept and increased. The main purpose of the Modenese is to keep the Italian culture and traditions alive. The sick benefits,valuable as it was in the past, did not fit into today's needs.

Since the last by-laws rules were printed a number of other by-laws were changed over the years. A new booklet is being prepared with all the changes included.


Carlo Carani      1906 to 1919

Carlo Panerali     1919 to 1920 

Egido Mocogni    1920 to 1921

Carlo Carani   1922 to 1922

Anthony Vanoni  1923 to 1924

Egido Mocogni   1925 to 1927

Edward Casettari   1928 to 1929

Gabriele Doretti   1929 to 1931

Frank Parenti 1931 to 1933

Valerio Zagnioli   1933 to 1938 (Partial 1938) 

Cesare Zagnioli  1933 to 1938 (Partial 1938) 

Valerio Zagnioli    1940 to 1942    

Amerigo Ladurini   1943 to 1945

Nello Ori  1945 to 1947

Secondo Natta 1947 to 1948 

Marco Carani   1949 to 1951

Anthony Biagi   1951 to 1958

Steve Mocogni  1958 to 1961 

John Ori   1961 to 1964

Carlo Vanoni 1964 to 1969

Alberto Biondi    1969 to 1970 (Partial 1970) 

Marco Carani   1970 to 1971

George Pieracci   1972 to 1974

Riccardo Pattarozzi  1974 to 1979

Carl A. Carani   1979 to 1980 

Settimio Milani   1980 to 2002  (Mr. Milani served 22 years)

Laurence Pasquesi   2003 to 2005

Carl A. Carani  2006 to current

2006 to present  


 P.O. BOX 245 Highwood, IL 60040 USA

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